This section provides a range of material to help you understand the early English laws. The papers intended by the late Patrick Wormald to form the basis for the unpublished second volume of his Making of English Law are available only at Early English Laws.  A set of specially commissioned essays by leading scholars places the laws in context, while an extensive bibliography and a list of links to related projects will support further research. Finally, there is a select glossary, to explain some of the major terms and concepts appearing in the new editions published by this project.

  • For Patrick Wormald, Papers Preparatory to the Making of English Law, vol. II: From God's Law to Common Law, ed. Stephen Baxter and John Hudson (2014), see this link.
  • For contextual essays, see Links to contextual essays
  • For the bibliography, see Bibliography
  • For the glossary, see Glossary. This is not intended to be a comprehensive dictionary of Old English and Latin legal terms, but a word list relevant to the editions that have so far been published by Early English Laws. It will be expanded as further new editions are added.
  • For related projects, see Links to other projects