In this manuscript

British Library, London, England
MS Cotton Otho B.XI

This manuscript once contained among its many texts the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, a collection of medical recipes, a text of the Burghal Hidage, Æthelstan’s Grately law code and the Alfred-Ine law-book, most of which were copied in the early eleventh century. Like Cambridge, Corpus Christi College MS 173, with which this manuscript has much in common, it is probable that the Otho manuscript was of Winchester origin. Based on the last entry of the manucript’s Chronicle and the last entry of its bishops’ list, we can date the main assemblage of this manuscript to between 1001 and 1012. The manuscript was badly damaged in the Cottonian fire of 1731 and only a quarter of the leaves survive, among them two of the Æthelstan code and three of the Alfred-Ine law-book. Most of what we know about this manuscript has thus had to be deduced from a copy made in 1562 and glosses on that copy by Laurence Nowell.