In this manuscript

John Rylands University Library, Manchester, England
MS Lat. 420

This is the second oldest and the least known of the manuscripts containing the collection of legal texts called Quadripartitus. Although the manuscript is missing its first twenty folios, the whole seems to have been written by one hand, even though a second, later, hand has added the treaty of Winchester of 1153. The manuscript dates to the second quarter of the twelfth century.

The folios were numbered 21-61 in the sixteenth century, and 46-87 in the seventeenth century. It is the latter foliation that is used here. The manuscript is missing Cnut's Winchester code, Alfred's domboc and the beginning of Ine's code. Fos. 85-86 are a later addition containing the text of King Stephen's 1153 treaty with Henry II acknowledging him as his successor.