The 81 manuscripts listed here hold copies of our texts and, except in a few instances, date from before c. 1215. In most cases only those pages or folios holding copies of our texts will be included on the Early English Laws site. Whole manuscripts are included only when our texts make up almost all of their contents (e.g., no. 13). Later manuscripts have been included when they hold either the only copy or first complete copy of one of our texts (e.g., no. 3). The list is provisional. An asterisk (*) after the shelf mark signifies that the entire MS will be included. Foliation/pagination is sometimes incomplete.

No.Library and shelf-markLiebermann’s sigla
1 Bibliothèque municipale MS 14 fos. 109r–110v (Iud dei X) Al
2 University Library MS Additional 3584 fos. 261–89 (Glanvill, early alpha) Cd
3 University Library MS Ee.1.1 fos. 3–12 (Wl art Fr, ECf3 Fr) Cu
4 University Library MS Ll.2.10 fos. 14, 78v-80v (Iud dei XI, XII) Li
5 Corpus Christi College MS 44 pp. 279 (Sacr cor Latin) pp. 362–65 (Iud dei IX) pp. 365–89 (Iud dei I–III) Ch
6 Corpus Christi College MS 139 fos. 37v-38v (Hn Cor) Cc
7 Corpus Christi College MS 146 pp. 139 (Sacr cor Latin) pp. 301–14 (Iud dei I–III) pp. 329-30 (Excom IV, V) Ci
8 Corpus Christi College MS 173 fos. 33–52v (Af, Ine, Rom, Episc) E
9 Corpus Christi College MS 190 pp. 418–20 (Mirce, Að, Had) O
10 Corpus Christi College MS 201 pp. 30, 43–52, 53, 93–97, 101–3, 126–31 (VIIa Atr, Northu, II Eg, III Eg, V Atr, I As, VIII Atr, I Em, Geþyncðo, Norðleod, Mirce, Að, Had, Cnut 1018) D
11 Corpus Christi College MS 265 pp. 216–22 (IV Eg Lat) pp. 222–27 (IV Eg) C
12 Corpus Christi College MS 303 pp. 338–39 (Latin and OE of Excom VII) Cx
13 Corpus Christi College MS 383* pp. 1–108 (many texts) B
14 Corpus Christi College MS 422 pp. 14 (Excom V) pp. 310-15 (Excom VI) pp. 319-44 (Iud dei I-III, Adiurationes in Latin and OE) Ca
15 Trinity College MS B.11. 10 fo. 49 (Iud dei XI) fo. 104 (Sacr cor Latin) fos. 110-112v (Iud dei XII) Tb
16 Bibliothèque municipale MS 67 fos. 13v–21 (Iud dei X) fos. 77-86 (Sacr cor Latin) fos. 94–96 (Iud dei XIV) Ma
17 Durham Cathedral Library, MS A.IV.19 fos. 48r-49v (Iud dei IV) fos. 54r-55r (Iud dei V) fos. 55r (Iud dei VI) Du
18 Exeter Cathedral Library, D&C 2529 (St. Cor.) Ex
19 Lincoln Cathedral MS (Magna Carta) Lic
20 British Library MS Additional 4838* Single sheet charter (Articles of the Barons) Ao
21 British Library MS Additional 14252* fos. 6–124, (Leges Anglorum, incl. Glanvill, Libertas Lon.) Ai
22 British Library MS Additional 24066 fos. 5–73 (Glanvill) fos. 213–19v (ECf1) Ad
23 British Library MS Additional 43703 fos. 233–55 (II As, Af–Ine, Ymb æbricas) fos. 265–67v (II As, V As, Iudex) Nw
24 British Library MS Additional 49366 fos. 17–116 (Quadr, Ulpianus de edendo) fos. 141–57v (Leis Wl, ECf2 Hk) Hk
25 British Library MS Arundel 35 fos. 67–68 (Cnut 1027) Bc
26 British Library MS Burney 277* fos. 42r–v (Ine prol.–23, bifolium mounted as single sheet) Bu
27 British Library Cotton Charters XIII* no. 31A (Magna Carta 1215 original) Ct
28 British Library Charter Cotton Augustus I* no. 106 (Magna Carta 1215 original) Cs
29 British Library MS Cotton Claudius A.III fos. 9v–10 (Sacr. cor. Latin) fos. 19r-v (Sacr. cor. Latin) fos. 31v–38v (VI Atr, Latin paraphrase and OE) K
30 British Library MS Cotton Cleopatra B.XIII fos. 56r-57r (Sacr. cor.) Cp
31 British Library MS Cotton Domitian VIII fos. 95–110v (Quadr) fo. 118 (Hn1 cor–6.1) Dm
32 British Library MS Cotton Nero A.I fos. 3–41 (I–II Cn) fos. 42–57v (II–III Eg, Af–Ine, Romscot) fos. 86v–96v (I As, I Em 1, III Eg, V Atr, Grið, VIII Atr 1–5, Norgrið) G
33 British Library MS Cotton Nero E.I fos. 185v–86v (IV Eg) F
34 British Library MS Cotton Otho B.XI fos. 44–53v (Alf-Ine & II As fragments) Ot
35 British Library MS Cotton Tiberius B.VIII fo. 152–55v (Duel) fos. 157–96v (Iud dei XI with Iud dei II 2–5.3, XII, XIII, XIV) Tr
36 British Library MS Cotton Tiberius C.I fos. 197–99 (Excom. I) Ti
37 British Library MS Cotton Titus A.XXVII fos. 89–160 (Quadr) fos. 160v–174v (In Cn) T
38 British Library MS Cotton Vespasian B.XIX fos. 84v–85v (Inq Sher1) Vs
39 British Library MS Cotton Vespasian D.XI fos. 109rv (Excom X) Vd
40 British Library MS Cotton Vespasian D.XV fo. 3v (Excom XII) Q
41 British Library MS Cotton Vitellius A.VII fos. 1, 4–16, 185v, 187v, 191, 196v (Sacr cor, Iud dei IX, Iud Dei I– III, Iud Dei VI, VII 12–13A, Iud Dei XI, XII, XIII, and XIV) Vt
42 British Library MS Cotton Vitellius E.XVII fos. 76–77, 96r-v, 108v (Ass Nor, Inq Sher, Ass Arms, First Forest Assize) Vu
43 British Library MS Harley 55 fos. 3v–4v (II–III Eg) fos. 5–13v (I–II Cn) A
44 British Library MS Harley 261 fos. 71rv (Wl lad from Quadr, Hn1 cor fragment) Hy
45 British Library MS Harley 458* one bifolium (H1 cor, H2 cor, St cor Latin and French) Hl
46 British Library MS Harley 746 fos. 55v–58v (Leges Wl) S
47 British Library MS Harley 1119 fos. 2-13 (Glanvill)
48 British Library MS Harley 1704 fos. 1–7v (Cons Cn) Hr
49 British Library MS Royal 11 B.II fos. 103–66v (Quadr) R
50 British Library MS Royal 13 D.II fos. 48–49 (Cnut 1027) Rd
51 British Library MS Royal 14 C.II fos. 101v–102, 156v–158, 214–76v (Appeals, Ass Nor, Liber de legibus attributed to Ranulf de Glanvill, which includes Wl art, ECf3, geneal., Vocab, Glanvill, Eyre art, Ass Wood, and Ass Clar) Hv
52 London Metropolitan Archives (London writ of William I [original]) W
53 Lambeth Palace Library MS 118 fos. 94–104v (In Cn) fos. 194-195 (Wl art) fos. 195-205 (ECf3) La
54 Lambeth Palace Library MS 179 fos. 79v-86 (Wl art, ECf3) Lb
55 Lambeth Palace Library MS 429 fos. 106–61 (Glanvill, alpha revised) Lm
56 Law Society MS 1 (L. 16) fos. 1–79v (Glanvill) fos. 79v–86 (ECf1) Ls
57 Lincoln’s Inn Misc. 3* fos. 1–58v (Glanvill, early alpha) I
58 Kew, National Archives E 164/2 fos. 36–50v, 217v, 265v–267r, 302v (Red Book of the Exchequer, many texts including Hn, Wl art Lond retr, Vocab, and from Quadr: Wl lad, Hn cor, Hn mon, Hn com) Rb
59 John Rylands University Library MS Lat. 155* fos. 1-130v (Leges Angl) Rs
60 John Rylands University Library MS Lat. 420* fos. 46r–86v (Quadr) M
61 Balliol College MS 350 fos. 43–71v (Glanvill, early alpha) Bl
62 Bodleian Library MS Bodley 579 fos. 305v–306 (Sacr cor Latin) El
63 Bodleian Library MS Digby 13 fos. 41–53 (In Cn) Di
64 Bodleian Library MS Douce 287 fos. 87v–88 (Art Inq) Dc
65 Bodleian Library MS E. Musaeo 222 fos. 155rv Me
66 Bodleian Library MS E. Musaeo 249 fos. 89rv (Art Inq) Mu
67 Bodleian Library MS Laud misc. 582 fos. 4–5, 141v–43v, 154rv, 172–73 (Ass arms, Form pro, Edict Reg, Pleas of the crown, Ass 1198) L
68 Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson C. 641 fos. 3–13 (ECf2, Con Clar Fr) fos. 19–45 (Ass Clar, Inq Sher, MC, In Cn, Hn1 cor, Wl art) Rl
69 Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson G. 109 fos. 201–250 (Glanvill, early alpha) Rg
70 Corpus Christi College MS 157 fos. 329-30 (Cnut 1027) Ox
71 Magdalen College MS lat. 226 fo. 100v (Sacr cor Latin) fos. 209–221 (Iud dei XI–XIV) Mg
72 Bibliothèque Nationale MS lat. 943 fo. 67v (Sacr cor Latin) fos. 89v–97 (Iud dei I–III) Ps
73 Bibliothèque Nationale MS lat. 4771* fos. 1–64 (Cn Cb, Wl art, ECf2, geneal) Cb
74 Bibliothèque Nationale MS lat. 10575 fos. 137 (Sacr cor Latin) fos. 180v–84v (Iud dei XVI, Sacr cor Latin) P
75 Vatican Library MS Regin. 946 fo. 75v (X Atr) Vr
76 Bibliothèque municipale MS A. 27 (368) fos. 159–75 (Iud dei IX. 1–3, II 2–2.7, I–III) Rj
77 Bibliothèque municipale MS Y. 7 (369) fo. 162r–v (Sacr cor Latin) Ro
78 Bibliothèque municipale MS Y. 200 fos. 81r-87v (MC 1215 Fr)
79 Cathedral Library MS (Magna Carta)
80 Medway Archive and Local Studies Centre, MS DRc/R1 (Textus Roffensis)* fos. 1–117 (volume 1 of 2; many law texts) H
81 Cathedral Library, York Gospels. fo. 160r–v (Cnut 1020) Y