There are currently editions of 27 texts in preparation, all of which should be published on the Early English laws site over the next two years.  Among the first to appear in 2014 or in early 2015 are:

  • Thom Gobbitt’s edition of the Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum (AGu), the late 9th-century agreement made between King Alfred and the vikings.  The edition is now undergoing final mark-up.
  • Yorio Otaka’s 1993 edition of the short version of the Leis Willelme (Leis Wl) found in BL, Additional MS 49366, accompanied by a translation by Ian Short, Paul Brand, and Bruce O’Brien
  • Jenny Benham’s edition of Æthelred’s second code (II Atr), which represents the treaty made in 994 between King Æthelred II and three viking leaders, Olaf, Josteinn and Guthmund. 
  • Levi Roach’s editions of lawcodes which represent ‘unofficial’ responses at Faversham and Thunderfield (probably composed between 924 and 939) to Æthelstan’s formal legislation at Grately and Exeter  (III As, IV As, and IV As Latin).