Early English Laws provides not only the now standard editions of English legal texts by Felix Liebermann and William Stubbs, but also will provide new editions, translations, and commentary for over 150 individual texts. These texts range chronologically from Æthelberht of Kent’s code (c. 600) to the issuance of Magna Carta in 1215, and include all non-narrative and non-administrative legal records. Some of them have never been edited. The list of legal texts to edit is provisional; other texts are being considered for inclusion by the Literary Board.

Recent editions of nine texts have been permitted by editors and publishers to appear in the collection. These are the codes of Æthelberht (Abt), Hlothere and Eadric (Hl), and Wihtræd (Wi); the code issued by Cnut soon after his conquest of England (Cnut 1018); the legislative writs and charters of William I (Wl ep, Wl lad, Wl Lond); the Anglo-Saxon coronation oath or promissio regis (Sacr Cor); and the second version of the twelfth-century treatise called the Leges Edwardi Confessoris (ECf2).

Sixteen new editions (17 texts) have already been published by Early English Laws, and editions of a further 27 texts are in preparation. These texts and their editors are identified in the table of laws.

The remaining texts are available to other editors. Those interested in editing any of these should consult Editing for a sense of the Literary Board’s approach and Proposal Guidelines for what needs to be submitted to the Board for approval.