Danegeldum, Denegeldum

Danegeld, an annual tax originally intended to contribute to the protection of England from the Danes, and subsequently becoming a tax on land.

Danelaga, Denelaga

Danelaw, the law which pertained in that part of England occupied by the Danes.


1. Tithing, division of a hundred.

2. Tax of a tenth.


Land that formed part of the royal estate at the time of Edward the Confessor or William the Conqueror and was recorded in Domesday Book.

Denarius Sancti Petri

Peter's Penny (plural Peter's Pence), an annual tax of one penny owed to Rome by householders with land above a certain value.




Demesne, land held by a feudal tenant to his own use.

Drihtinbeage, Drihtinbeáh

Lord-payment, payment for killing a free man.


Duel, judicial combat.