Abt Æthelberht’s code Old English Royal text
Be Mirciscan aðe Old English
Af Alfred’s domboc Old English Royal text, Translation
AGu Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum Old English Treaty, Royal text
App AGu Alfred-Guthrum appendix Latin Treaty
Art Bar Articles of the barons, 1215 Latin
Art Eyre Articles for the Eyre Latin Royal text, Inquest
Art Inq Articles of the Inquest of Sheriffs Latin Inquest
As Alm Æthelstan’s charity edict Latin
Ass 1198 Assize of 1198 Latin
Ass Arms Assize of Arms Latin Royal text
Ass Clar Assize of Clarendon Latin Royal text, Inquest
Ass For First Forest Assize Latin
Ass Nor Assize of Northampton Latin Inquest, Royal text
Ass Wood Assize of Woodstock Latin Inquest, Royal text