The text of this assize survives in the Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi of Roger of Howden. It is undated but usually thought to pertain to 1184, a year in which Roger himself served as a justice of the forest. The First Forest Assize (prima assisa) represents the assize that the judges took out at the beginning of the eyre of 1184. Later during the same eyre, a second version of the assize became necessary because of problems of implementation encountered once the eyre was under way. The eyre of 1184 was under control of new officers, working in a new way, and therefore becoming constantly aware of new problems. Thus it made sense to make changes to the assize within the same eyre, hence the two assizes.

Digital edition

Edited by Nicholas Vincent

  • Gesta Regis Henrici Secundi, ed. William Stubbs, 2 vols, RS (London, 1867), vol. 1, pp. 323-4.